How Does Life Affect Our Lives?

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People will never know the potential of someone or something until it has been pushed to the limit. Life tends to bring difficult situations to test the amount of potential that someone carries within them. This tests come in a form of a loss of a loved one, experiencing a major illness, or a traumatic experience from an intense accident. This tests push people to their limit allowing them to be vulnerable to a deep depression due to the amount of impact that it brings to their lives. However, everyone reacts differently to these types of situations. Not everyone falls in depression, some do but for a short period of time, and others end up seeking for help due to the major impact that this can cause in their lives. It is not easy to remain strong as a rock when the wind hits you hard as a tornado. Everyone has faced this obstacles at least once in their lives and if they have not faced them yet, they will very soon. Let’s think about the top historical tragic events in America, what was the reaction of the people? What about the United States soldiers fighting everyday for their own country? How do their bodies respond after experiencing a war? In the story of “A Temporary Matter” by Jhumpa Lahiri, the characters struggle through a very difficult phase in their lives after they lose their newborn child. Here, we will prove that Shoba, the antagonist of the story, was experiencing situational depression after the death of her child by strengthening my analysis with the
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