How Does Steinbeck Make Lennie A Sympathetic Character

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In the book Of Mice and Men, I believe that John Steinbeck succeeded in making Lennie a sympathetic character. I think Lennie is a sympathetic character because he can work hard and is good at it. Lennie is not a bright person which in my opinion keeps Lennie and George together. Also, Lennie does not change much over time besides when in chapter 3 he was becoming more optimistic. Mostly throughout the first few chapters Lennie does not change much though. Lennie is a hard and great worker. He can do work that not few others can do. If he messes up a job it is his fault if both Lennie and George get fired. He gets blamed for it by George and George never gets yelled at by Lennie. One thing that is bad about this is that Lennie does not learn
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