How Does Steinbeck Present the Plight of the Minorities in 1930’s America Within of Mice and Men?

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1930’s America saw many different groups within society be prejudiced against. At the time minority groups had no standing within society. Steinbeck; in his book Of Mice and Men, presents the common minority groups within society in 1930’s America and how they were forced to live their lives. The book references four characters that all represent different groups seen as minorities at the time that the book is set. This essay will follow the characters in the book and explore how and why they found themselves as minorities and how this ultimately changed the characters lives. One of the lead characters in the book, Lennie, from the start is shown as being different from others (including the other main characters George). In Of …show more content…

The dog that he describes as owning from a pup almost describes him, as he is old and haggard like the dog and struggles to have any fun as he is old, still on the farm and is missing his hand. Being part of the elderly group within society makes his dream unobtainable, but only just as he is wealthy. This is true for so many old people, as soon as they have enough money to achieve their dream they are too old to have as much fun as they

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