How Does Tom Sawyer Mature

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Tom Sawyer
The book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, by Mark Twain is a novel that emphasizes the true spirit of Tom himself. The reader is brought amongst a journey that reveals who embodies his character and the true representation of his many encounters as a young boy. Tom’s adolescence plays part in the grand scheme of it all. He is as cunning as he is wise, those odds seem to work greatly in his favor. It starts out nothing more than a young boy playing tricks on a couple of friends, or so it would seem that way. Tom is made up of a combination of qualities in which the author uniquely portrays in a sequence of events within the story.
Tom spends the entirety of his time avoiding his responsibilities, it being no surprise considering his lack of maturity. Tricking his friends into doing the things he dreads and has a keen way of doing so. What better way to get out of your troubles than to make them sound more appeasingly challenging than anything? “I reckon there ain’t one boy in a thousand, maybe two thousand, that can do it the way it’s got to be done.”, he mentions in the book. Tom knew his way out of most things, this was one of them. It being a …show more content…

Developing a crush, one that even he didn’t expect that urged him to progress a plan to further gain the attention of this girl. His efforts to show off were for the sole purpose of impressing her or as they call her, Becky. As devious as Tom came across, he wasn’t all wicked in every bone. In part of him was a selfless boy, one who took matters into his own hands to spare those who matter to him. To spare Becky facing any means of punishment for a foolish occurrence at school, that indeed was her fault, he righteously lies and takes the blame. He was aware of who was to blame, but his crush overcame him and he felt the need to protect Becky. His intentions were pure, he was rebellious, but his heart lied

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