How Ethics Can Be Broken Down Into Various Categories

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Professional Work Ethic
Angella Cohen
Jackie Hinemeyer
Kaplan University

Professional Work Ethic Merriam Webster defines ethics as “an area of study that deals with ideas about what is good and bad behavior: a branch of philosophy dealing with what is morally right or wrong” (Ethic, n.d.). Ethics can be broken down into several categories. Metaethics and normative ethics are two subfields that ethics are divided into (Jennings, Kahn, Matroianni, & Parker, 2003). The purpose of metaethics is to clarify the rational standards as well as the methods for the study of ethics (Jennings, Kahn, Matroianni, & Parker, 2003). While normative ethics develops ethical principles, rules, and ideals that are the standards of good and bad, as well as right and wrong (Jennings, Kahn, Matroianni, & Parker, 2003). Bioethics uses normative ethics to help with making decisions, and policies for the public when it comes to biology, medicine, and healthcare (Jennings, Kahn, Matroianni, & Parker, 2003). Medical ethics pertains to the ethics of a healthcare provider (Jennings, Kahn, Matroianni, & Parker, 2003). While public health ethics looks more in depth at patterns of diseases, social determinants of diseases, how it affects the population of a society as well as globally, as well as protect the rights, interests, and freedoms of the individuals affected by the disease (Jennings, Kahn, Matroianni, & Parker, 2003). Ethics are important no matter which type it is because it is

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