How Far Have the Prophecies of Brave New World Come True?

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In how far have the prophecies of BNW become true? Describe and give examples.

This is a pretty interesting question, because we have to persuade ourselves to think about our society today and how it has changed during the latest centuries.
In my opinion are there definitely things in Brave New World that became true, but there are other things that have developed quite different then Huxley has predicted.

The government has developed quite different then Huxley predicted. In Brave New World the whole system is based on a powerful and totalitarian government, which controlled almost everybody by conditioning, the people are only doing things they are supposed to do.
This prophecy was probably based on the system in the Soviet …show more content…

Conditioning and Entertainment are significant advantages for the Controllers of the World State, because it is an easy way to satisfy their citizen. I think our entertainment in our society isn’t far away from the “feelis” or the other entertaining stuff they had in Brave New World, but I don’t think it was hard to predict for Huxley, because this way of satisfying people wasn’t really new and has already been used in our history:
“Two things only the people anxiously

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