How Food Waste Management Is Implemented On A Local Scale Essay

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Waste is seen as a sign of human success, where the more waste that is generated the wealthier the human population is (Bulkeley, H et al 2009). The world produces enough food to provide for twice the number of the present population which is ironic looking at the global number of malnourished people. Politically, the more we buy the better our economy will be, but finding the balance between economic development and environmental sustainability is key to extending the social, cultural and economic lives of things (Bulkeley, H et al 2009). Downs (1972) states that “environmental problems have a life cycle where there is an increase in people becoming motivated to make a change, but as time goes on they lose interest and abandon all effort” (Eden, S 2005). In this essay we will look at how the human population needs to take responsible actions to help humanity and the environment. The John McIntyre Conference Center is an example used to show how food waste management is implemented on a local scale. It shows how much food waste Edinburgh University students discarded without taking into consideration the future health and environmental hazards. The “JMCC” have taken steps to ensure a level of education regarding food waste for the students and staff, as well as investing in improved policies and equipment to limit wastage. We then go one step further and look at how the Scottish Government has implemented sustainable policies for Edinburgh households and their effectiveness.

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