How Government Implement Federal Student Loans And Education Budget

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Over the course of this summer, we have discussed numerous policy situations and identified many policy problems. First of all, we learned about some basis definitions of a policy, and what are some of the different policy types from Professor Theodore J. Lowi, then we acquired a close look at how a policy is implemented, and how complicated is the whole process, concepts like stage heuristic and policy image, it has been extremely helpful throughout this course as well as in real life scenarios, therefore, in this essay, by using the knowledge and ideas acknowledged from this class, this essay will take a look at how government implement federal student loans and education budget, furthermore, this essay is going to explore how different political parties view this specific policy situation.
In the United States, Student loan debt has recently reached an important milestone, during the year of 2010, total student loan has exceed the national credit card debt. Approximately a year later, outstanding student loan reached 1 trillion in total, however, this was anticipated decades ago, because unlike credit card debit, which only has a few months to pay off, student loan debt can take up to 10 years or more in order to pay off completely. Therefore, borrowing money from the federal government has become a regular tool for paying for universities these days. Aside from the federal loan implemented at federal level, there are various private loans for different needs, students
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