How Gregor 's Personal Life

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and asks that the manager give his regards to the head of the firm.

In this section, we get to learn more about Gregor’s personal life. Through his mother’s indirect characterization of him, we see that Gregor is very lonely and isolated from the rest of the world. He doesn’t have any friends, and he spends his free time doing work and worrying about the family debt and such. We also learn about the other characters in the story. The rest of Gregor’s family seems awfully dependent on him. This can be seen by how worried they were, for instance, just because he didn’t get up on time. Gregor’s family knows it is of the utmost importance that he does his job. It also seems as if none of the other family members have jobs. Their lives …show more content…

Gregor’s father also tells Anna, their servant, to go fetch a locksmith. Next, Gregor tries to unlock the door himself. He throws himself against the door and uses his mouth to turn the key. Gregor’s manager hears him unlocking the door and alerts his parents. As Gregor is trying to get past the door, the manager spots him. The manager is immediately horrified and begins to slowly back away. Gregor’s mother falls to the ground. His father shields his eyes as he cries. Gregor tries to keep calm and states that he shall get dressed right away and get going. Gregor keeps going on about how he has to provide for his parents and his sister. Throughout Gregor’s speech the manager slowly backs away, and eventually he turns and begins to run. Gregor doesn’t want his job to be jeopardized since he knows the manager will not give a good report after seeing what state he is in. Gregor realizes that he must detain the manager and get him to calm down. Gregor tries to run after him, but he falls onto his little legs. Unlike, what had occurred earlier that morning, he is able to fully control and maneuver his legs.
However, Gregor’s mother temporarily distracts him when she suddenly jumps up from the ground and cries for help. She hastily runs backward and climbs on top of the table forgetting that she kept breakfast there.

Response—Entry No.3 Page 13 to Page 17 In this section of the story, we see a conflict beginning to emerge. In

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