How I Changed My Life

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Humans are amazing beings. We as humans are capable of doing great things. Unfortunately many people are satisfied with being average, and not accomplishing much in their life. Many people are convinced that they can’t be great or can’t achieve greatness in their life. However I believe that anyone can change his or her life for the better and obtain a successful and fruitful life. In this essay I am going to talk about how I changed my life from an overweight teen with no ambition to a relatively fit adult with a passion. It all started ever since I was a little boy, about 12 years old. I used to eat a lot of food; you might even say I was addicted to eating. I would eat no matter what. When I was sad I would eat, when I was happy I would eat. Basically my emotional mind state would be dependent on eating food. With that surplus of food, there was something else that made my physical state even worse. I was extremely lazy and unmotivated. I had no ambition; I would just sit around all day playing video games. So you could imagine what happened to me with this huge surplus of food and lack of activity. I was extremely overweight, I weighed 247 lbs.( 40% body fat) at the age of 14. This took a toll on me mentally and physically. For example, anytime that I would go to the mall with my friends, I would suffer a lot. I would see them trying on clothes and buying new clothes, while these clothes would barley fit me. Also many people would make fun of me. Due to my obesity I
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