How I Was Socialized Growing Up

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The way that I was socialized growing up was through my interactions different people of different races due to my military affiliation and being transferred to different locations every three years and more recently storytelling from both my parents about things they both went through while my dad was away. They instilled some of that storytelling into me and I used that technique to tell some of my experiences. Furthermore, most of my life revolved around the military and religion. Those two aspects are what keep my family together and those were the main forces that shape my siblings and I growing up.
When I was around five or six years old, my family was stationed in El Paso, Texas after my dad came back from overseas. The church that my family attended every Sunday was the Church of God and Christ. The Church of God and Christ is where southerners say all of the “holy-rollers” attended or the overzealous Christians attended. My parents were not really holy-rollers themselves, but we attended this church because my dad wanted my family to attend to gain a sense of God and know about Christianity because he always attended church as a child while he was growing up in Mississippi and that helped him as he developed. He wanted my mother, sister, and I to be exposed to Christianity as well, especially my mom since she did not really attend church during her childhood. Furthermore, my first memory of attending the Church of God and Christ is the day that my dad was baptized.

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