How Important Was The Privy Council

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How important was the Privy Council
It could be argued that the monarch was an important member of government however some may disagree and put forward the idea that the Privy Council was more important. This is for several reasons the first reason (for the monarch) was the fact that she could decide who could become a member of the Privy Council this is because it meant that she had total power over those who that would help run the country. However this did not mean that the monarch was the most important figure as it could be argued that the monarch did in fact have a ‘Back Seat’ with regards to running the country as historians could argue that it was the privy council, as opposed to the queen, that did the main portion of running the …show more content…

This also differed it from the Privy Council as despite the Privy Council creating the laws in the first place they had very little in the act of actually enforcing them; this is where they relied on local governments in order to ensure these laws where being enacted. This does give some leeway to the idea that the P.C was not in fact as important as they needed the local governments in order to enforce anything.
Despite the local council

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