How Is Hamlet Responsible For The Death Of Hamlet

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Hamlet is distraught and taken back by his mother's ability to remarry so quickly after his father's death. Making matters worse, the man in which she remarried was Hamlet's uncle, and brother to Hamlet's deceased father. Hamlet explains that there is nearly no comparison between his late father, King Hamlet, and stepfather, King Claudius, for his father undoubtedly outshines the new king. Though he loves his mother, Hamlet mocks her calling her weak, later going on to say that a beast would have mourned the king's death longer than she had.
After being introduced to the ghost of the late King Hamlet, a grieving Hamlet follows him and listens to his accusations. The Ghost confirms everything Hamlet had thought of his new stepfather, later on adding that Claudius was responsible for his death. In this quote, the Ghost is insulting Claudius, comparing him to a persuasive animal. He then goes on to explain that he loved Hamlet's mother with dignity, and that a wretch such as Claudius could love none the same.
Polonius, Lord Chamberlain of Claudius’s court, and father of Hamlets great love, Ophelia, brings this letter, written by Hamlet, to the king and queen. With the letter addressed to his daughter, Polonius thinks that Hamlet's loving devotion to her is what is driving Hamlet so insane. Eager to understand their son, the queen and king listen. In the letter Hamlet writes Ophilia a love poem, then goes on to say that he is not very good at poetry but wants her to know how
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