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Why Reading Is Beneficial For You Alhassen Hamid 7/8 Have you ever, sat down on your couch and decided to watch a movie and recognized that movie somewhere? A book, perhaps? Today I am presenting my tedtalks, which is about reading, that thing that everyone should do. To start, I always grew up thinking, reading was just a hobby, that it had no no value in your life. Yeah, I was definitely incorrect. The point is, is that reading provides you so many things everybody wants and needs such as entertainment, education, improves your memory, and even is a good way to relieve stress. Reading opens up your mind to learn new things that you never ever knew. Speaking of opening your mind, imagine this, take a second to visualize what your brain …show more content…

If you don’t read that's okay, everyone has their own time when they feel the need to read, now if you’re choosing not to read because you frankly just find reading books to be boring, then you’re wrong. There is no such thing as boring where you just need to find the type of book you want, weather its comics, or big history books, everybody has their own choice, because regardless of what you read, you still learn and gather information that not only boosts up your intelligence but at the same time you’re having fun doing …show more content…

Personally I find books to be better. Going back to what I said earlier about opening your mind, that's how it works for books and movies, When you’re watching the movie. You see through the story, you see what happens, you see the characters, you see everything left to right. While reading a book on the other hand. You visualize the story, you picture what happens, you picture how the characters look. For example let's take the movie and book “A Monster Calls”. A movie most grade 8’s have gone on a trip to watch, and you can definitely notice the mixed feelings about whether the book or movie is

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