How Is Scrooge Presented In Christmas Carol

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Stave 1 In the “Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens the main character is Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge is not a very nice person, he is full of greed, he is selfish, and he is prideful. Scrooge is a very successful businessman, that makes wise decisions to keep his business running. Scrooge was very greedy, he would not donate to any charities for the hungry, and caring about nothing about money and what option is cheaper. He is selfish because he gives his assistant a very low salary and is rude to everyone in his path. He shows how prideful he is through his wealth, he thought that people that were poor were lazy and good for nothing and that because he had more money than him he was better than them.
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The spirit of the past took Scrooge to his childhood and he was feeling regret and sadness about his decisions and his loneliness as a child. Scrooge also saw where he let the love of his life leave him because of his decisions. He was joyful to see his young crush and dance and see all the memorable times. He saw his past self celebrating Christmas and thought of joyful times. He was very emotional towards all the people that he had lost or heart. He got very mad, so he stooped the ghost and went home. …show more content…

He regrets his decisions of payment to mr. cratchit so now tiny Tim will die because they can't afford the cure. He doubts that he has ignorance and greed. He fears what will happen to him if he gives up his wealth. He sees what other people are going through and what tough times people can be

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