How Is Technology Used In Miller's War?

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Science and technology has often created undesirable situations, which would have escalated the modern-day crisis that mirrors of those described by Miller. Furthermore the idea Miller presented in his novel, showed that his ideas were stemmed from the Romanticism Period; as his idea for the growth of civilization due technoscience is not possible . He effectively portrayed his idea in the novel, as society advanced in technology it led to end of the societies, in two eras of modernization. During World War II, the U.S created the first nuclear weapons and was utilized in the war, as two atomic bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This event provided a glimpse on how Miller’s global crisis would look like as portrayed in the novel, “There was great deserts where once life was, and in those places of the Earth where men still lived, all were sickened by the poisoned air…” . …show more content…

This event would parallel the “Flame Deluge or Nuclear Holocaust” in the Miller’s novel. However, through mutual cooperation of both nations, this catastrophic event was evaded and better measures for nuclear weapons was taken in account. It demonstrates technological advancement can be utilized for warfare purposes. The piece history confirmed the ideas presented by Langdon Winner, “…technologies can be used in ways that enhance the power, authority, and privilege of some over other…” Winner emphasizes the notion of power is closely linked to the idea of science and technology within society. Personally, if a nuclear crisis occurs in the near-future, it would be contributed to nation’s struggle for power and superiority over the entire globe. Even though the facts present demonstrates how society can eventual lead to its own destruction that parallels in Miller’s novel, science and technology have left far-reaching effects on other current contemporary global

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