How Modern Technology Is Shaping The Food Industry And Our Lives

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Jessica Greco Capstone II “How Modern Technology is shaping the Food Industry and Our Lives” August 5, 2015 Believe it or not, there was a time when what we put on our dining room table was fresh, simple, and real. Now, that fact is extremely difficult to wrap our heads around, especially those of the younger generations. Today there are multiple concerns about what we are putting into our bodies. With modern technology advancing at such a rapid rate, we are watching our food change at the same pace. Fresh fruits and vegetables have a much longer shelf life and the list of ingredients on packaged foods is growing exponentially. For decades, food companies have been removing fats from their products to fuel the…show more content…
Slowly but surely products are popping up with “GMO Free” labels on them, but it is not enough. It’s interesting to think about what would happen if every product made with genetically engineered corn (which is an exorbitant number) had a stamp on it that said “GMO”. Unfortunately, research is showing that this type of labeling will not be implemented anytime soon as it could potentially destroy the food industry. It’s disheartening to think about our situation at hand. Technological advances should be used to help decrease health related issues due to what we put in our bodies, not the other way around. We as a country are sicker than ever, and the common denominator is the food we ingest. Heart disease, ever-growing waist bands, and childhood “adult-onset” diabetes are issues that are threatening the survival of our nation. Are we seeing the end of “real food”? “What is a GMO?” asked Jeremy Seifert, creator of the documentary “GMO OMG”, to several ordinary, everyday consumers on the street. The answers ranged from, completely clueless, to having a small understanding of what it means. The amount of people who admitted to having never heard the acronym, was appalling. Some people got as far as “genetically…I don’t know the rest.” and “genetically modified….I forgot the last word”. Once informed of what the acronym stood for, Jeremy then asked these same
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