How Did Nationalism Lead To World War 1

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Before World War 1 began there were many conflicts between many countries, these conflicts are what eventually led to the war. Nationalism lead to World War 1 for reasons people believed they needed to fight for their country, many people who weren’t fighting wanted to support their soldiers, and many soldiers felt as if they couldn’t back out of the war. Militarism was a cause because each country was building up their weapons and ammunition, as well as building up their armies. Finally Kaiser Wilhelm II was a cause because he had a very strong hate towards Britain, he was a very aggressive leader and he wanted Germany to be the number one country. Nationalism, militarism and Kaiser Wilhelm II were the three main causes of World War 1. Nationalism, having a very strong passion for your country, was a main cause of World War 1 because many people felt the need to fight for their country. In countries from all over the world, men began enlisting in the army as soon as they could. In the first year of war, on October 3rd, 1914 approximately 33 000 Canadians set out overseas to Britain to fight for their home country (Canadian War Museum). Many people who weren’t fighting over seas helped out the troops by all coming together to make care packages that included many things that the soldiers needed, such as food, clothing, cigarettes, etc. Many things that the care packages included helped the soldiers survive and fight for a longer period of time. There were many young men

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