How Rome Became an Empire

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Rome Becoming an Empire:
Currently, Rome is the capital city of Italy despite being the centre of the Roman Empire more than 2,000 years ago. According to reports by current historians and archeologists, people were living in Rome long before 753 BC, the legend is considered as one of the most popular in world history. Generally, the Roman Empire included most of what is currently regarded as Western Europe. A Roman lifestyle was established in these countries following the fact that the empire was subjugated by the Roman Army, who introduced this way of life. The main countries that were under the control of the Roman Empire during this period include Hispania (Spain), Archaea (Greece), England/Wales (Britannia), the Middle East (Judea), France (Gaul), and North African coastal region.
The main reason why Rome became an empire is that the Romans were not satisfied with conquering the neighboring land around them. This desire to conquer more land was fueled by the Romans victory over Carthage that made them to become the most powerful state in the Mediterranean region. Through this victory, the Romans had all the opportunity they required to extend their powers across the region. As a result, the Romans became more wealthy and powerful as they were able to expand their empire further ("The Roman Empire" par, 3). Their pursuit to conquer more land and establish the Roman Empire was also driven by the Romans belief that the land further away may contain riches that would
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