How Self Control Is Truly Free Will

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In everyday life we have the free will to control every aspect of our lives and actions through our choices and self control, however there are times when this sense of free will is challenged. In Patricia Churchland’s article she covers how self control is truly free will, it can shape our actions, as well as habits. Yet, there are reasons why ones own self control could be diminished, for example, the case of the man who had strangled his own wife in his sleep. Churchland believes that self control is an application of our free will, and that the two could basically be interchangeable. Using Churchland’s article, you can understand that although self control is the application of our free will, but there are times where our self…show more content…
Self-control “plays a role in what you believe every bit as much as it does in what you decide to do.” (Churchland, 194) In this sense self-control could be described as what people confuse as free will. An example would be the fact that we may not have the free will to choose what we crave, sometimes we just have an urge to eat junk food due to biological factors, however we can exhibit self control and resist eating the junk food. In Churchland’s article she discusses how we learn self control over time, that when a person is young they spend years learning right and wrong, and how to execute self control in situations. As people grow older they use these lessons and reflect on them to understand how to act in situations. This makes it easier for a person to make their own decisions when it comes down to it.

However, there can be limits on a person’s self control, a factor that constrains a persons’ ability to exert their self control. Whether it be an external force or even an internal issue. Churchland uses the example of Tourette’s. In this example, she mentions how someone with Tourette’s can suffer from an over whelming need to commit certain tics. However, there are instances where the subject can
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