How Significant Was The New Deal For The American?

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How significant was the New Deal for the Americans in the 1930s?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt put forward the New Deal in 1933 with aims to introduce relief, recovery and reform the American economy, in order to combat the Great Depression. The New Deal represent the culmination of a long range trend toward abandonment of the Republican policies of “laissez-faire” capitalism. The New Deal was truly astonishing due to the speed with which it accomplished what previously had taken generations which brought an air of confidence and optimism. FDR’s decision to take “direct action” to set up the Alphabet Agencies was welcomed by the many Americans, yet his policies still received strong criticism as many reforms were hastily drawn and weakly administration, including some contradicting others. The New Deal provided, however, a sense of long term security and economic stability to Americans, which had not ever existed before.

Farmer benefited greatly from New Deal programs. Between 1932 and 1935, farm income increased by more than 50 per cent due to FDR’s federal policies. In May 1993, the Agricultural Adjustment Act was passed in order to make farming sustainable for farmers, as many could not afford to repay loans. The farmers in America did not prosper from the economic boom in the “Roaring Twenties” as produce was really cheap due to the surplus of food since the war, and only a few still owned land as many were evicted. The AAA paid farmers to destroy some of their crops and

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