How Slave Owners Justify Their Choice

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How could slave owners justify their choice to hold other humans in bondage? What could make them do such a horrible thing? These questions are important and the answers are complex. Slave owners used many reasons to make their choices seem acceptable to society at large, and to themselves. The main reason behind this would be greed and power. In the 1800’s white men who owned plantations felt like they owned the world if they had five slaves, especially in the southern states. However, as the years wore on the black population increased no thanks to the lust of their masters. This brought up a big problem. The solution that they came up with was fear itself. If a slave tried to run away and was caught, he or she was severely punished or …show more content…

later on, a cousin bleeding from her shoulders and neck after a flogging by a drunken overseer.
Douglass was briefly saved from an existence of humble plantation work when he was sent to Baltimore to work for a shipwright. There, his mistress showed him to read until her husband pronounced that "learning would ruin" him. Douglass proceeded with all his training alone. With fifty pennies that he earned blacking boots, Douglass purchased a duplicate of the Columbian Orator, a gathering of talks that incorporated a ranking assault on bondage. This book acquainted him with the thoughts of the Edification and the American Unrest and enlivened him to impeccable his stylistic abilities.
At fifteen, after his Master 's passing, Douglass was returned to the plantation life where he was unwilling to show respect to his new proprietor, whom he declined to call "Master." To squash Douglass ' defiant soul, he was contracted out to an infamous "slave breaker" named Edward Covey. For seven months, Douglass persisted mishandle meant and beatings. Be that as it may, one hot August morning he could take no more. He battled back and vanquished Covey in a clench hand battle. Covey never abused Douglass again.
In 1836, Douglass and two close friends plotted to escape slavery. When the plan was uncovered, Douglass was thrown into jail. Instead of being sold to slave traders and shipped to the deep South, as he had expected, Douglass was returned to Baltimore and

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