Essay on How Stubbornness Leads to Disaster in Sophocles' Antigone

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Parents are there to protect and raise their children. It is their choice on how to do it. Many can be very nice and almost not strict enough, but others can seem stubborn and mean. Unlike strict parents, people who are truly stubborn can be much, much worse. Their inability to be wrong or not get what they want can destroy relationships and lives. This happened in Sophocles' Antigone, she was doing what she felt to be right and her uncle, Creon the king of Thebes, had her killed because he did not agree with her point of view. Stubbornness can lead to bad judgments and horrible repercussions. Stubbornness is like a parasite that takes over a persons mind and body, and makes them sad, depressed, and angry. In the play almost every …show more content…

Antigone's sister reminds her she has no power in the law and if she is to be caught burying Polynieces she will be put to death. Being bull headed she does anyway. She was so stubborn that not even her only sister could stop her. After their argument Antigone even asks her sister if she wants to come with because Antigone thinks burying Polynieces is a respectable thing to do, she can not take a hint. And when she goes to defend herself in front of Creon she is so stubborn that she wants everyone to know that she has committed this crime for the gods and does not even defend herself but says she is guilty. This makes Creon even more mad because she knew exactly what she was doing. Not only were Creon and Antigone stubborn, other characters were also stubborn. For example Ismene, who wants to die with Antigone. She does not give up, but keeps saying, "I did it… I am her partner. I share the blame" (29). Creon does not let her die with Antigone because he believes she is innocent and does not want to kill an innocent woman, ironically his stubborn choices kill many people close to him. Haimon also tries to sway Creon’s decision multiple times in the play and he does not give up until Antigone has already died. Over all almost every character in the play, Antigone, was stubborn, and all this led to disaster. In the end because of all of this foolishness Antigone, Haimon, and Euridice, Creons wife, die. This leaves Creon with no one

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