How Successful Was The New Deal Essay

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During the 1900’s in the United States there was a lot of good things going on and a lot of bad things going on the good thing was the New deal plan gave people jobs and food etc.. The bad things were the taxes increased and the pay rate decreased. Some causes of the Great depression was from a lot of racism and they couldn’t outcomes from that was a lot of people were struggling and they didn’t have jobs and they couldn’t feed their families.The New Deal was a program the gave people that had nothing jobs and food and water for 5 years. This was very good because it helps people get on their feet they will already have a job so they can save up the money that they make and so when the job opportunities are over they can already have money saved up and they won’t be hungry or nothing because they have money.I don’t think the New Deal was successful because people still struggled because of how high the taxes were and how low they were getting paid for working. The New deal program was not successful because the taxes increased and that took a lot of money from the people.In document # 3 M.A. [female} says “The only thing we want from the president is for him to balance the budget and reduce taxes”. The purpose of this document is to show how the community would beg the president to …show more content…

In document #6 Robert S Abbott says “ Whatever may be the provisions of the law; however just may be a legislative measure, those who are entrusted with the responsibility of interpreting them can always find a way to circumvent the true spirit.” this is saying that the government only gave jobs to the white Americans instead of the Americans that really needed them. This situation was not justified because their was a lot of discrimination against African Americans. They showed the white Americans more love than the African

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