How Technology Can Do For Us? Essay

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Introduction The infiltration of different technologies improve not only the life of millions of Americans, but of residents of the world. As well the same technology opens the opportunity to exploit or abuse it. Every workplace affected in positive way has the risk of be affected with a misuse of the technology not only for the employees but anyone that seek to work there. How a prospect employee to a company of business can sabotage his or her job interview through technology? Technology creation The technology has been created by people that dream to facilitate, improve and make life easy. In old time television, science fiction programs like “Lost in Space” picture a large computer covering almost a wall. Others TV shows, like “I Dream of Jeannie” even has a computer named Eric. Every decade, even on the science fiction programs, the computers and technology evolved. Some movies and cartoons represented what the technology can do for us. That view of the future or the futuristic vision has come true. Maybe it started as little rustic technology where a computer can be room size. Then it became more sophisticated, at the point that any individual could have a compact computer in their own home. Then the man began to dream of having a portable computer to take anywhere and that was achieved. And again, the new dream come true; a pocket-size mini-device with multiple uses that allows to see anything, anywhere at any time. Sadly the innovators of this technology were
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