How Technology Has Shaped The World Of Business We Know Today Essay

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Introduction Technology’s evolution has shaped the world of business we know today. It was absolutely necessary, just a few decades ago, to be present in a physical work place for one’s occupation; being if that occupation involved an office. Today, a company of two hundred people can be run from all remote locations. This is thanks to virtual teams, with the use of varying applications of course. According to Harvard Business Review, a “virtual team” is a team made up of members all in different physical locations (Ferrazi). Although not one hundred percent effective, technology is continually evolving and is making this concept more available and popular among businesses. As this team-concept has become popular, I continue to meet more people whom have participated in such. In an attempt to understand these team atmospheres further, and the communication involved, I interviewed two people who are currently managers of their own virtual teams; the first was Meredith and second was Jerome. For this paper, I will examine each of these interviews and then compare the two. Asking five questions to both, there were many similarities between the two; and also a few surprising moments. Let’s take a look.
The Interviews Meredith is an advisor at Southern New Hampshire University, and she heads the division for students whom are employed full-time. This role requires her to lead a virtual team, along with her boss, using multiple platforms to do so. This is a different

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