How The Classical Empires Contributed To The Spread Of Christianity And Buddhism

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Development and Spread of Christianity and Buddhism
The decline of the classical empires contributed several ingredients to the spread of what turned out to be two great world religions – Christianity and Buddhism. Before this, most religions had been regional. The fading of the great empires – due to the reshuffling of geographical boundaries, from the Mediterranean to the Pacific – caused the regional confinement of religion to be modified dramatically. There was also a political decline that encouraged people to turn towards spiritual organizations.
The result of these changes was one of the world’s key periods. Beliefs shifted and cultural commitments took new territorial patterns. Buddhism, spreading through India at various points in the classical period, could embrace a whole subcontinent. Christianity showed ability to win a growing minority in the Roman Empire and at a few points beyond its borders, in the Middle East and North Africa.
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More than most religions, Christianity put a great emphasis on organization and structure. There was also great value placed on missionary work and spreading out the area that conversions took place, believing that the world must be constantly battled in the name of God. Christianity stressed that they had possession of exclusive truth and its intolerance of other religions. Christianity had, and continues to have, much confidence in its religion, which is one reason why it has had so much success and a great number of converts. Another reason Christianity was able to gain so many converts was because of the amount of women that joined. It was seen to be a more upper class thing at the time, so women would join and then convert their husbands and children. Once lower class people saw that this was the thing to do, they also joined and converted many of the less fortunate people. Women had a great part in the spread of Christianity and influenced
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