How The Culture Gap Aboriginals Face Within A Particular Health Care Facility Within The Identified Region

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The original custodians of the given postcode 6530 were collectively known as the Yamaji (or Yamatji) People (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Islander Studies, 2015). The land aread this clan group identifies and claims currently lie in the city of Geraldton, Western Australia. Within this region several aboriginal languages groups exist, these include the Amangu, Naaguja, Wadjarri, Nanda, Badimia and the Martu people (, 2015).This assignment will focus on culturally inclusive practices and policies placed in a particular health care facility within the identified region. Discussion will be undertaken examining three ways to lessen the culture gap aboriginals face in these areas to improve engagement of these …show more content…

The facility also has a dedicated consumer advisory group made up of representatives of the local community whose main task is to provide patients and carers perspective of hospital issues where feedback is necessary towards addressing the issues faced. The advisory group accomplishes this task through a variety of manner which includes, assisting and conducting client surveys, evaluating publications, participation in walk-around audits as well as service planning assistance. To better understand culturally inclusive care the hospital provides, nursing and healthcare practices and policies were identified and examined. An initiative was taken by the hospital in launching an Aboriginal Health Strategy that was designed to further help establish bridges and develop a culturally safe environment for local aboriginal communities on 8 of July 2015 (God, 2015). A major benefit of the program included recruitment of 30 Aboriginal staff, which corresponds to about 4% of the health care facility 's personnel to make certain culturally assured care for Aboriginal patients was achieved (God, 2015). These additional staff 's would include members of the allied health care team as well as administration and support staff to adhere to and identify a culturally sensitive environment for the aboriginals.The hospital also undertook the dedicated appointment of a Director of Aboriginal

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