How The Housework Is Divided Among Men And Women

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Loi 1 Ryan Loi Professor Clarkson ENG1100 October 9, 2015 A Generation of Housework When it comes to managing a household, household chores are important tasks that must be done. To avoid doing these chores would be neglecting the home and therefore, would create an unpleasant atmosphere to live in. Every person who lives in the household must contribute and fulfill their responsibility to ensure that their house is as well maintained as possible. What is interesting though is how the housework is divided among men and women. Throughout the course of history, men and women have performed specific tasks. As a result, men and women have different attitudes towards housework. However, what is even more interesting is how the attitudes have changed over time. With the development of gender issues, there are large differences between the attitudes towards housework between the men and women of the Baby Boomer Generation to the attitudes between the men and women of Generation Y; the previous generations have a traditional approach while today’s generation is more progressive. To begin, a distinction between the traditional attitudes of the Baby Boomers towards household chores and progressive attitudes of the Millennials must be defined. The traditional attitude towards housework was that in a family, the mother did almost all of the housework while the father was responsible for earning an income to support the family. While this was the norm with the Baby Boomers,
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