How To Eradicate Homelessness

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Housing first can eradicate homelessness and the city of Denver would save a lot of money. In the June 29, 2016, Seattle Times article, “Solutions to Homelessness in San Francisco within Reach”, Fagan Kevin states that it's now years later, and these days, Walker says the city of San Francisco has saved $8000 per homeless person in annual expenses. We've saved millions on this (Kevin). The cost for emergency services, and prison time, tickets, ambulance cost, and police ticketing of the homeless ends up being the the expenses of the city. This can be thousands of dollars every year on the homeless, therefore if they are housed, the city would save a lot of money. One homeless person cost Nevada so much money, that show a how much homeless …show more content…

In the April 17, 2015, Washington Post article, “The Surprisingly Simple Way Utah Solved Chronic Homelessness and Saved Millions`,” Terrence McCoy argued that the cost to build more units, to expand their units, and yearly cost to operate all those units including expenses is only about 2% of Utah’s one annual city budget, and that is less than what they spent on all homeless people on the streets (McCoy). This means that it might be expensive to build more homes for the homeless, but that shouldn’t stop any city from building the houses because if they are left on the streets, the cost to take care of them would even be more expensive than if they are housed. The homeless can contribute to the economy by being part of the work force. As McCoy writes in “The Surprisingly Simple Way Utah Solved Chronic Homelessness and Saves Millions,” when the the homeless are housed, most of them would have a permanent resident address that would allow them to acquire a job hence adding to the working class (McCoy). Being part of the working class means they will pay taxes which adds to the income of the the city. In this case, the city would save the money that would have been used to cater for them on the streets, and rather getting something in …show more content…

Some people might be dealing with addiction, or mental health, and that might be the reason why they became homeless. Therefore the housing with supportive care will do those people two good. First it would get them from the streets, hence making them healthy, and secondly they will be able to have direct access to help in their own homes. This would prevent them from going into the streets they might find comforts. Also, the city should be committed to the projects and always set goals to what they want to achieve from the solutions. According to McCoy, “When we started it back in 04 and 05, we didn't know this would end, but we committed to it. And now, the chronic homelessness are no longer tallied in numbers. They are tallied by name. The last few are waiting for their house”. The city of Denver should not start building the houses with the assumption of it being empty after a couple of years, because the people will eventually go back to the streets. But rather they should think positively and hope to get the best results from their actions. Many homeless people would have trust issues because of some personal situations in the past, but when the city assures them that the houses are theirs and it is their responsibility to take proper care of them,

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