How To Kill A Mockingbird Be Taught In Schools

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Have you ever put on clothes in the morning and thought, “this outfit really fits my personality, but then people make fun of my style, because it's different?” Now imagine yourself in a time period where not just your clothes were discriminated against, but it was the color of your skin. This is particularly hard for us in the present time to identify with because our current laws mandate that everyone is equal, no matter race, gender, or ethnicity. However, in Maycomb, Alabama, in the 1930’s, this equality did not exist between the blacks and whites. The author, Harper Lee, of To Kill a Mockingbird gives many reasons why the lessons of this novel should be taught to every class. Teachers like you, Mrs. Guin, should show all your students the importance of standing up for the truth even when others disapprove, protecting childhood innocence and understanding the damage discrimination or racism will do to a society as it was shown in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. For instance, there are many more teenagers who become a follower than a leader during their high school career. As a result, they don't think for themselves, which results in unacceptable actions. By teaching this book you would be reinforcing the power within their own mind to young adults to stand up for what is right, even if society does not agree with them. Atticus is considered a leader throughout the whole novel, the community trusts him with responsibilities they are not bold enough …show more content…

You would be teaching all of your students universal knowledge that could benefit them in the future. Such as, standing up for one’s beliefs, shielding youth’s purity, and understanding prejudice. Thus, the next time you put on your favorite clothes in the morning and have those minor thoughts, remember everyone is judged or judging every moment of the day. So wear what you want to and feel comfortable in your own

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