How To Write A Nursing Reflection

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This evening was our second onsite clinical at Creasy Springs. I had the opportunity to provide care for my patient by myself as well as to work on and fill out an individualized care plan. My goals for today included filling out as much of the care plan as I could, properly administering medications, and being more willing and at hand to provide help for call lights or the CNAs on the wing. I think overall I did achieve my goals to moderate success, however I think my care plan is still going to challenge me and I am eager to begin making my Nursing Diagnosis and such. I definitely answered a lot of call lights, and I felt much more comfortable talking to the residents and staff today, especially the unit nurse who was so friendly and encouraging me to practice my skills. Some of the skills …show more content…

It was challenging to perform some of my assessments, and I have to admit I was a little flustered when the patient would not provide me the responses I wanted. I was so eager at first, then I did not know what to do when my patient stopped responding to questions as the evening went on. I really hope to work on being more patient as well as working more with the patient to formulate better questions next time I am on the unit. Today I also learned more about connecting pathophysiology to the medications and conditions of my patient, and I also learned more about applying and thinking of appropriate nursing diagnosis. Through my care plan, I think I fulfilled the course objective of applying principles of physical assessment and history taking to develop plans of care using the nursing process across the lifespan. I asked questions and performed the assessment skills which we have been practicing and learning all year. However, I do hope in the future to do a better job with the care

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