How To Write A Reflective Analysis Of Using Brookfield's Four Lens

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In this reflective account I will be using Brookfield’s four lenses (The university of Sydney, 2015) to analyse how different historical perspectives have had an impact on pedagogy and practice in the early years field. Working on a group project my team looked at how forest schools have impacted on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS, 2015) I will also look at different other historical perspectives and pioneers such as Steiner (Pound, 2006), Froebel (Pound, 2006), Macmillan (Pound, 2006) and Rousseau (Pound, 2006).

After doing the exhibition on forest schools I have learnt a lot about pioneers who have influenced forest school. Forest schools initially started in the 1950’s in Sweden and a concept of the feature was later introduced
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