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Hunting big game is a thrilling sport. It requires a lot of skill, guts, and of course, the right gun. For this challenge you need an extremely high powered, big bore air rifle to do the job in a successful and humane manner. You need an air rifle that can fire heavy pellets with enough velocity to take down big game like wolves, deer, mountain lions, or wild boars. However, most big bore air rifles today require you to be extremely close to the animal so you don't have much room to miss, making it more difficult to hunt. This also causes the animal to feel a lot of unnecessary pain. This is why it is extremely important to use an air gun that has enough power and big enough caliber to bring down big game in one single shot.

The Sam Yang Big Bore 909S is a PCP air rifle that has the authoritative knock down power that you need to successfully hunt large animals at a range of approximately 35 yards. Sam Yang is a Korean Air Gun Company established in 1990. Their goal is to manufacture the best and
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It is lighter than it looks.

It is not as expensive but works as accurately as a custom-made big bore air rifle.

The Sam Yang Big Bore 909S Air Rifle provides extra safety with its two-step cock and load procedure. You are getting an extremely accurate, highly powered, air rifle that is also very classy and beautiful because of its hardwood features and overall design.


The Sam Yang Big Bore 909S Air Rifle has been received with a lot of good reviews from air rifle and hunting enthusiasts. It packs a lot of value, power, and beauty for a good
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