How To Write A Short Story : A Short-A Story?

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It was a bright day, the sun was out. Everybody was leaving their houses and approaching to the Taqueria de Anda to meet up. We are heading out to a tropical island named Terrifiant Island. We have ordered an Uber to take us to the docks so we can rent a boat. Unfortunately, none of us knew how to steer it, so we hired a fisherman from Google. As we arrived in our Uber at the docks, we noticed the cramped boat. The fisherman was loading his baggage, including life vests. They were old and ragged, but we tried not to think too much of it. After all, we did look for a ride to the island on Google. It was cheap, why not? What is the worst that can happen? We loaded our bags onto the boat and packed an emergency bag. It included a small knife, four snack sized bags of goldfish crackers, three full canteens of fresh water, and five small flashlights that run on 2 D sized batteries. As we stepped on the boat, it creaked and the fisherman smiled, but it didn’t look like a friendly smile. It looked like a smile that was hiding something, but we can’t judge people on their looks. “Hey, may I see your fisherman’s license?” Asked Allan. The fisherman handed the license to Allan. He observed it, and realized his name was Joe Rossel. The license wasn’t expired yet, but it will be in twenty years. Was it a fake license? He gave it back and smiled. Nine o’clock A.M. It was finally time to depart from the docks. The sky was blue, and the temperature felt warm. When the boat’s
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