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Queen of Egypt for nearly 300 years, Cleopatra VII was one of the first female rulers at the time. Cleopatra was a very smart women. She studied many subjects such as philosophy, literature, art, music, and medicine. She also knew six different languages, which were Aramaic, Ethiopic, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and of course Egyptian. This made her a very powerful and wise pharaoh. Cleopatra was the oldest of two. She had a younger brother, Ptolemy XIII, who ruled the Macedonian dynasty with her. Her father was King Ptolemy XII, who ruled the Ptolemaic reign for 26 years. There isn’t much information about her mother, but in the article on it says, “Little is known about Cleopatra's mother, but some speculation presumes she may have been her father's sister, Cleopatra V Tryphaena.” ( Editors) When King Ptolemy XII died in 51 B.C., he left the throne to Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy XIII. At that time Cleopatra was 18 years old, and Ptolemy XIII was only 10 years old! Following there tradition, Cleopatra and Ptolemy got married as it was likely back then. …show more content…

He fell in love with Cleopatra, which was good for her because she had access to enough military power to overthrow her brother and keep her control on Egypt as sole ruler. After they defeated Ptolemy's forces at the Battle of the Nile, Cleopatra was reunited with her throne once again. Soon after, Ptolemy XIII returned to Egypt to try and get the throne back, but was found dead in Nile River. Soon after, Cleopatra gave birth to a son named Caesarian. In the article it says, “In 47 B.C. Cleopatra bore Caesar a son, whom she named Caesarian. However, Caesar never acknowledged the boy was his offspring, and historical debate continues over whether he was indeed his father. Cleopatra eventually followed Caesar back to Rome, but returned to Egypt in 44 B.C., following his assassination.”(Anne

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