How To Write An Essay On Little Rock Nine

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When you look around in a public area, you are able to see numerous amounts of skin colors interacting with one another. Although, it wasn’t always like that. People of all our races weren’t able to sit at the same table without causing uproar, especially in schools. As a matter of fact, Caucasians and African Americans were not even allowed to attend the same school. One famous story that is forever marked down in history is the Little Rock Nine because their bravery in pursuing an education. The Little Rock Nine was a group of nine African American teenagers who sought to attend an all -white school in 1957, during the Civil Rights Movement. At the time, African Americans were not allowed to attend the same restaurants, churches, and other facilities as Caucasians. There would be many signs that segregated the two races. Such as, “No Colored People Allowed” or “Whites Only.” One major segregated facility that affected African Americans was schools. Back then, the color of your skin would determine the school you would attend. However, the Supreme Court ruled it was in fact unconstitutional to segregate schools in …show more content…

The first day of school was beyond hectic. There were hundreds of Caucasians yelling insults, threats, and some even attempted to hurt the Little Rock Nine. Matters got so terrible, armed soldiers had to escort these nine students to school, every individual class, and back home. These students may have not been physically hurt, but emotionally they were damaged beyond compare. This protection was only offered during school hours. These unfortunate students had to fend for themselves once they were dropped off at home and on the weekends. They probably couldn’t even step outside their house without the possibility of getting injured. These students had to face pure evil and cruelty throughout the school year, but in the end all the hard work did pay

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