How To Write An Essay On The Nazi Hunters By Neal Bascomb

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Imagine this, you’re young and not in high school yet. One day a group of college kids attacks your home with Molotov cocktails, and when you amazingly make it out of the house, you’re held down by multiple people as you watch the rest of your family burn. Then just when you think it couldn't be any worse, the Tacuara decide that you too need to pay for being Jewish, so they break every finger and bust your kneecaps leaving you to die on your empty road because people are too scared to help you or to speak up. While it’s hard to believe this still transpires today, it does, but it mainly occurred during the aftermath of the Holocaust. Now many people avoid conversation about the Holocaust, claiming that looking back will not fix anything. This …show more content…

The book “The Nazi Hunters” by Neal Bascomb is a real story of brave Mossad agents who tracked down a Nazi commander with a tip from a Jewish teenager. This takedown materialized over the span of many years because of disbelief that this once righteous man had succumbed to living in slums and the fact that this "Ricardo Klement" looked much older than Eichmann. The surveillance itself lasted weeks with many different eyes. The baker’s dozen of agents had to find Adolf Eichmann and kidnap him on the agency’s pay because Argentina would have never cooperated with an out of the country trial because then the war would be present and their mistakes of supporting the Nazi’s in full view to be scrutinized by the world. When the Mossad’s crazed plan works and Eichmann gets held in a safe house, he willingly tells the interrogator who he is and signs an agreement to hold the trial in Israel. It’s there that Eichmann pays the price of moving an estimated six million Jewish families to their death with his life. He was and still is the only person ever to have to pay for his crime with his life in

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