Hr Functions of Forbes Regional Hospital

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HR Functions of Forbes Regional Hospital JoAnn Westerberg HSA320 January 31, 2013 Sherrie H. Lu, PhD HR Functions of Forbes Regional Hospital Since 1978, Forbes Regional Hospital has been the leading care provider in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, offering comprehensive care so patients can receive their treatment in one place rather than being transported to a downtown hospital. Forbes Regional Hospital is a 350 bed facility which annually, has 50,000 emergency room visits, 12,000 surgeries, and 15,000 patient admissions. Forbes Regional Hospital offers the latest medical innovations and procedures so the patients can receive the best care in their own community. Based on the data collected, some of the possible…show more content…
HIPAA eliminated the possibility of individuals being denied coverage because of pre-existing medical conditions. It further requires insurance companies to provide coverage for small employer groups or to individual employees who lose their group coverage. The significant section of HIPAA has been Title II, “Preventing Health Care Fraud and Abuse, Administrative Simplification, and Medical Liability Reform.” The Privacy Rule has affected nearly all health care plans and all health care providers. Physicians’ offices, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, dentists, medical equipment dealers, billing services and others providing administrative services have all been required to implement systems designed to protect all forms of patient information. All subcontractors and suppliers coming into contact with patient information must comply with the Privacy Rule. Healthcare employees expect their employers to provide: Infrastructure, HR practices and support which are linked to improved performance especially in relation to patient care and service innovations. Public service values may be a strong determinant of performance as it relates to patients, moderating potential short-term adverse effects of unmet expectations of the employer. Training is imperative. There has to be a shift in the
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