Hrm Duties and Responsibilities

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RECRUITMENT PROFILE Profile: Human Resources

Major Duties and Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the interpretation and application of the Staff Rules, regulations and procedures ensuring uniform application in accordance with guidelines from Headquarters. 2. Provides advice to staff members on specific entitlements, taking action locally as appropriate, or submitting recommendations for exceptions to DHRM; 3. Ascertains human resource requirements for the office ensuring the timely advertisement and filling of vacancies; 4. Participates in the selection of internal candidates and submits appropriate recommendations; Interviews and tests new candidates, verifying educational qualifications and previous employment record; Manages the
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Why it matters
Resources are limited and must be used to the best effect for the benefit of refugees, to maintain the essential staff confidence in management, and government confidence in UNHCR.

I. Uses the agreed strategic direction for the area of responsibility to identify, prioritise and plan resource requirements as accurately and as early as possible. II. Identifies the resources currently in place which would support achievement of the strategic direction and puts plans in place to gain additional resources if required. III. Establishes 'indicators' to monitor the progress and effectiveness of plans and use of resources. IV. Monitors the use of resources to ensure they are in line with UNHCR/UN rules and guidelines, and adjusts resource plans as required in response to changing circumstances. V. Reviews and evaluates achievements to enhance future planning and resource utilisation.

Ensures that, especially in times of limited resources, the needs of beneficiaries, and in particular those of children, adolescents and women, remain a priority consideration.


Demonstrates the ability to carry out the
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