Essay on Hubris in Oedipus the King by Sophocles

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There are many historic and fictional figures where hubris led to their downfall. Hubris is defined as being arrogant and having pride for your self. There are many people that are led to their downfall because of hubris. People that are hubris are blinded and can’t see what they did wrong. Those who contain hubris only think about themselves and can’t see the big picture. They think the world revolves around them and think they are the best. They are always going to be successful but suddenly will drop down. They will do anything to make themselves look good. There are many people that contain hubris. Oedipus is a fictional character in the novel Oedipus the King by Sophocles. The novel focuses on hubris. Oedipus is a man that is …show more content…

He was blinded because he did not think he will get caught and will be the best player in MLB history. Dr. Frank Tassone, Bernard Madoff,Alex Rodriguez and Oedipus were all filled with hubris which led to their downfalls. Dr. Frank Tassone the superintendent of Roslyn was filled with hubris and is blind for money. Dr.Tassone was the school superintendent of Roslyn for 11 years. He was loved and people cared for him. Dr.Tassone grew up in Bronx and was the son of educators. He was married but his wife died. He taught English in Westchester County. Later Dr.Tassone was brought to Roslyn in 1992.“He was a progressive leader who spoke of social justice, made condoms available in the high school and build a community service program founded on the concept that the privileged class should give something back. He was a respected figure with an ample education pedigree, the intellectual heft of a Dickens scholar and born politician’s touch at making people feel welcome.” (O’Donnell) People considered him to be like a president. The town of Roslyn saw him as a hero. Dr.Tassone has established many classes, and made condoms available. He was also a very well and respected speaker, which made people love him.This quote relates to Oedipus because he was seen as the best hero Thebes has seen. Oedipus has done many great things for the city of Thebes such as kill the Sphinx that was harassing the people and saved the city from falling apart.The people treated him as the

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