Huckleberry Finn, By Samuel Longhorn Clemens

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For the task I have been given in this paper, I believe that it is necessary to define the term “quintessential” both in my own words and from a dictionary. In my own words: All encompassing or summarizing Miriam-Webster dictionary however defines the words in two separate instances both applicable to this paper. They are as follows: 1. (adj.) the essence of a thing while in it’s purest and most concentrated form. 2. (adj.) The most typical example or representative. Huckleberry Finn, written in December of 1884, by Samuel longhorn Clemens (under surname “Mark Twain”) encompasses the life, thoughts and adventures of the 12-year-old title character Huckleberry “Huck” Finn. Throughout the book Huck struggles with a negative opinion of racism and slavery that is otherwise not voiced by your everyday American southerner. The book takes place in the southern Midwest region of America often referred to as America’s “heartland”. There are several other reasons for Huck Finn to be considered an American quintessential novel, some of which will be discussed in the following essay such as the themes, character conflicts as well as how the book connects to the American people as a culture. Also it will be covered, that some educators and parents believe that the novel should NOT be used in the classroom based on its at times difficult content and demeaning themes, as well as it’s portrayal of some religious and social groups of the time. One stated theme of this novel often times tied

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