Huckleberry Finn Religion Analysis

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Almost everyone around the world knows what religion is. While religion may be universal, there are many different ways to interpret it. Some people may believe the same religion, but they have various ways of practicing it. Through the characters in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain was able to show his view on religion, which is that religion can be negatively influential, hypocritical, and make people naive to the world. Huckleberry is the narrator of the story and allows the audience to see things from his perspective. For Huckleberry, there is no place for faith and the belief that someone is out there watching out for him. He had a rough childhood with an abusive, drunk father and no mother to care for him. …show more content…

From the very beginning, Miss Watson has proved to be an extremely devoted Christian. She believes in organized religion and does everything by the Bible. Miss Watson believes that she will go to Heaven because she follows all the strict rules of the Bible. However, some of her actions coincide with the morals of society, which oppose the morals of the Bible. Not only does she own a slave, she also “pecks on [Jim] all de time, en treats [Jim] pooty rough” (43). Miss Watson also shows religious hypocrisy when she claims moral superiority by saying that she “was going to live so as to go to the good place”, but that Tom would not go to the good place “by a considerable sight” (3). By boasting that she will go to Heaven, owning a slave, and treating him poorly, Miss Watson was able to portray the hypocrisy in religion. Religious people are supposed to be humble, treat others with respect, and be kind. Such a devoted Christian should know the difference between what is right and wrong. However, since society has accepted slavery, social morals now conflict with religious morals. Through Miss Watson, Twain was able to show the irony of Southern

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