Human And Animals By Lewis Carroll 1865

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Have you ever tried to know how people or even the animals thinking. Both, human and animals can be very talents have a different way of thinking.” Alice in Wonderland” the novel was written by Lewis Carroll 1865 presented to his readers set of themes. In his fancy novel. His desire is to help the children to know how they are doing in their community and how to keep a relationship .He presented the exciting moment of Alice adventures that includes meeting with intelligent animals who can talk and discuss things and how Alice respects strangers animals. Alice Advenure themes are Intelligent, behavior and adventures. In a magical world you can find many magical and strangers things such as intelligent animals. It is indeed a wonderful thing to see and hear an animal thinking and posing ideas or explaining a particular topic to solve such problems or issues. Intelligent mean best thought to understand knowledge, emotions,memories,plans, creativity and problems solving.Being in a wonderland in one such Alice is in, you can see animals Intelligent. For instance, the mouse is smart because he can speak English. It argus with Alice about cats and dogs. He says “Would you like cats if you were me?(page 19 ………”I’ll tell you my history and you will understand why it is hate cats and dogs”.(19). This attempt from himto examine Alice fellings.Inddition, he talks a bout polatic topics when he says “William con querer whose cause was favoured by the pope”. (page33). Also,
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