Human Behavior And The Way Humans Function

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To draw conclusions about human behavior and the way humans function, personality theory uses a distinct perspective. Behaviorists essentially focus on an individual’s behavior, and how environment affects that behavior. In the case of Ms. Smith, she has experienced cognitive decline for the past five years, as well as a change in personality and behavior within the past year. Ms. Smith struggles with remembering responsibilities such as paying bills and other mundane activities; she has difficulty staying attentive and a tendency to misplace possessions. She is under the delusion that people are out to get her. A therapeutic diagnosis to Ms. Smith’s condition could possibly suggest that she suffers from schizophrenia, clinical depression or simply a disconnect with others. Behaviorists believe environmental factors play a big role in the evolution of a person, suggesting that a learned behavior can be unlearned. Ms. Smith’s illness must be interpreted as a result of maladaptive learning; root causes do not reflect symptoms such as hers. A behaviorist would primarily focus on Ms. Smith’s physical symptoms, such as her poor balance, difficulty coordinating movements, and inability to drive. Her overall behavior has radicalized, she has developed an abnormal behavior towards others and with herself causes an imbalance in her ability to physically do things, including the simplest tasks. Her physical symptoms are the result of her psychological psyche which involves
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