Human Genetics

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Human Genetics Introduction This paper reviews two interesting articles related to human genetics. Dr. Nestor Morales, Assistant Professor of Psychology at New York City College of Technology at City University of New York, presents the idea that since human cloning is inevitable, an understanding of the psychological aspects of this development need to be addressed. The second article to review is found in the European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry; it relates to the genetic link from a parent that has ADHD or ASD (autism spectrum disorder), to the high percentage that the child from that parent may also be diagnosed with one of those disorders. Psychological Aspects of Human Cloning Dr. Morales explains that because the public believes a human clone will not be a new individual that is "genetically unique," this has created serious fears about the potential of human cloning (Morales, 2009, p. 43). In fact, Morales goes on, the public suffers from "clonophobia" due to the fear and ignorance regarding the potential of human cloning. Critics of human cloning assert that there will be "serious psychological problems" for children that are cloned due to issues including "identity formation, identification, gender identity, individuality and lack of originality" (Morales, 43). In addition, those opposed to human cloning suggest that cloned humans ""¦may not have the necessary traits" to become truly independent from their "progenitors" (Morales, 43). All these issues
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