Human History, Racism, And The Formation Of Nations And Legal Codes

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“Families don’t have to match. You don’t have to look like someone else to love them,” says Leigh Anne Tuohy. Throughout human history, racism has prevailed and it may be defined as, discrimination based on the belief that one’s race is superior to another. This has influenced, slavery, wars, the formation of nations and legal codes, although slavery has been abolished, racisms has never perished. When the coaches of Briarcrest High school realized Michael Oher, an African American 16-year-old, had no shelter, they provided him to stay with both white and black families over the duration of four months. Even though he had shelter with other families, he didn’t feel as welcomed. Michael Oher said, "When I moved in with Leigh Anne and Sean, …show more content…

Michael Senior provided very little support and due to this, they were placed in and out of foster care. While in prison, his father was murdered and as as a student, he performed poorly and was forced to repeat first and second grade. Tony Henderson, a man who runs an athletic program in his neighborhood, recognized Michael’s unstable life and decided to help him, and although it wasn’t an easy job, he helped Michael get accepted to Briarcrest.
Correspondingly, the principle of the high school insisted that he participated in a homeschool program because of his poor academic records, but luckily for Michael, the school football coach, Hugh Freeze, saw potential in him and egged his colleagues to take in Michael’s application because he saw the toughness in his eyes. "I 've always had that fire and passion in me on the field," says Michael. "You can 't put aggression into a person. It 's impossible. Either you have that toughness and aggression or you don 't." 15 year old, Collins Tuohy went home and told her family about Michael and his situation. When Sean Tuohy, her father, heard that we wasn’t getting fed properly, he decided to pay for his lunch, in which Michael was thankful. Later, the Tuohy family was driving down the streets of Memphis Tennessee and saw Michael, in the cold, wearing only cut-off jeans and a t-shirt, which is the same outfit he wore, everyday.

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