Human Nature Thomas Hobbes Essay

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Thomas Hobbes, an English philosopher (1588-1697), is well known for his great political notions and thoughts, and deservedly so. His main concern is the problem of social and political order. In “introduction”, Hobbes was depicted to believe that the entire phenomena in the universe, including human nature was to be explained in aspects of material bodies. According to him, soul and mind were not separate from the body as other writers believed. Human beings are essential machines. Their aspects and emotions operate pertaining to the physical part of the law, as well as chains of cause, impacts, action and reaction. As machines, human beings pursue their own self- interest avoiding pain at all cost and pursuing pleasure. Society is a similar machine, greater than the human body, as well as artificial (temporary) but operating as stipulated by the laws governing motions, as well as collision.
Major aspects to Hobbes’s image of human nature firstly entails what is motivating human beings to act and secondly is the human powers of judgment and reasoning. Hobbes believes that human judgment is unreliable as it tends to be differentiated by self-interest, as well as through the pleasure and pains of the scenario (Hobbes). Hobbes believed that men are greatly concerned with what others portray about them, or they are inflamed by religious doctrine or carried away by others’ inflammatory words. He claims that we are supposed to tackle what it pertains in our interest to do, as

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