Human Rights Issues in China

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China is known(recognized) (known for having) as one of the oldest civilizations in the world. One of the oldest known civilizations in China is the Xia Dynasty which began in 2070 B.C.E. Overtime civilizations adapt with the surrounding world, but China has always been a very independent nation. One of the most controversial topics that is discussed worldwide being Human Rights, China has been known(notorious for) to disregarding them, even though there are International Human Rights Laws. The Chinese government has developed a system of internal laws regarding human rights, but don’t enforce them on their own citizens. As a result of this, the people of China don’t mind. It is an important part of Chinese culture to be very Patriotic and do what is better for the country and not better for one self. In many other cultures, only a small percentage of the citizens actually want to be patriotic and do what is better for the country, for example, fight in a war. China is a developing country lacking much Human Rights Influence. An immense part of culture in China has been Confucianism. Confucianism has been a part of China’s culture since about 500 B.C.E. Confucianism is defined as a system of philosophical and ethical teachings founded by Confucius and developed by Mencius. Multiple human rights issues have stemmed from the strong beliefs behind Confucianism. Look to see what the article says about it. China’s human rights issues also stem from the fact that they have

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