Humanity And Cannibalism In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

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The whole world has crashed. It is full of emptiness and miserable scenes on earth, where dead bodies are all around lying on the ground, demonstrating the massive destruction caused by people who attempt to conquer nature. For decades, every creature except for humans has been extinct; everyone who struggles to survive wants to murder and rob others, and some people even choose to practice cannibalism in order to survive. Humanity and morality established through billions of years by human ancestors since the Paleolithic period fade with the dignity of every individual. God is no longer above this world; he is tired of people’s unconsciousness and immoderation. Such a horrific environment is portrayed in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. As …show more content…

People preach peace and love around the whole world, but at the same time practice the opposite of what they believe, and such behaviors cause the Road happened. It will eventually even become a cycle: the more people hurt each other, the less they believe in God and social morality, and the more they become soulless, the more likely people will express irrigation with violence. With enhancing wars and revenges on earth, it gradually turns to the world described in the Road: “No sign of life. Cars in the street caked with ash, everything covered with ash and dust. Fossil tracks in the dried sludge. A corpse in a doorway dried to leather” (McCarthy). In the Road, the world lacking of food and materials is not created by people with belief and faith; instead, faithless politicians and authorities who preach the gospel of power compete against each other and, disregarding the death of thousands and the significance of natural balance, converse the world into a miserable circumstance, which leads to the extermination of belief of those who are still alive. People are distinguished from other animals with rules and belief. After belief is destroyed, the cognitive will also disappear along with the rules. “Then one by one they turned and blinked in the pitiful light. Help us, they whispered. Please help us” (McCarthy), on the road to survive people trample upon each other like dogs, practice cannibalism like mantises, and betray each other like aardwolf. In the Road,

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